Films Produced

In addition to the features below, Alcove Productions has released 15 short films and numerous commercials, music videos, and PSAs.


Rid of Me, an ingenious black comedy that comes at you like a horror movie before settling down into something quieter but equally skin crawling.” -The New York Times Critics Pick 2011

Written & Directed by: James Westby

Produced by: Katie O’Grady and Kristin Coleman

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Gift of Gravity: Four teenage girls set out to play a video prank on an unpopular classmate but are transformed by what they witness behind closed doors.

Written & Directed by: Alicia J. Rose

Produced by: Alcove Productions


Courage In A Time of Fear: A Practical Guide to Ending Bullying is an educational film that strives to bring light to the subject of bullying in a new and relevant way for parents, teens, and educators.

Written & Directed by: James Westby

Produced by: Katie O’Grady and Kristin Coleman

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Undeserved: a faith based movie about a orphaned teenage runaway. Undeserved takes an unflinching look at the darker side of the human struggle, while delivering the message of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Written & Directed by: Marc Steele

Produced by: Fantini Cinema & Alcove Productions


Hot In The Zipper – In this hilarious madcap comedy, when naïve Mildred Plotnik arrives in New York City, she ends up learning way more about life in the big city than she ever needed to know…

Written & Directed by: James Westby

Produced by: Catalina Productions and Alcove Productions